Document Storage, no Digitization: 

Go Digital,and Go Green


Get organized and Go Paperless

Our document storage and digitization service will take all your important paperwork, digitize it, organize and upload it onto a secure server. All without a contract

Documents are picked up daily,weekly or monthly. We tailor our service to your needs. Documents are available within 72 hours of pickup and always available for viewing or download.

We offer multiple options depending on your needs:
Digitized documents and upload: This option will allow you to keep a paperwork free office and have access to all your documents via a secure portal. You can either view on the portal or download. Whatever your needs demand.


Digitize documents : We will pickup and Digitize your documents and return your paperwork along with a Disk or USB drive containing theDigitize documents.

​Document Storage, no Digitization: We will pickup and store  your documents in and safe, secure and climate controlled environment. You can request them at any time



Document Digitization, no storage: 



Document Storage, online access,Digitization: 

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